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Saturday 28 July 2012

Meet Barney

I've got a very good reason for being so quiet on the blogging front this week :-)
After having such a difficult time with hubby in hospital and losing our darling fur baby Mia its been a very sad house for the last few weeks but last weekend I took the plunge and got a black labrador puppy. He's a real live wire and although Benji thought he might be a dangerous german shepherd killing monster for a couple of days they are becoming best friends. It was so funny to see Benji running away from such a tiny little puppy but now its lovely to see them playing together. Here's a couple of pics of my two boys:

Barney is a fearless little chap and has brought the smiles back to our faces
I'm going to grab a few minutes crafting while he has a snooze
Have a lovely Saturday and enjoy the sunshine
Claire xx


  1. This looks delightful & I can see that Barney won't be going far without a watchful eye over him, Benji looks ever so protective.
    Hope things improve with your husband & take care of yourself too.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Gorgeous photos Claire, what a little is funny to see the big dogs jump and move away from ferocious

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. So happy for you Claire! He looks a determined little chap and a breath of new life for Benji.

    Janet xx

  4. Aw he looks adorable. I remember when our black lab was that small, seems an age ago now, she's 10. I'm sure you'll get hours of fun and laughter with them both. Hope hubby is on the mend, x

  5. Awww Claire he's a cutie and I'm pleased to read he is bringing the smiles back to your faces
    Jackie x

  6. Oh, what a cute little black fur animal !!
    I can imagine he is bringing the smiles back to your faces, after such a hard time.
    Enjoy that little chap.

    Hugs, Marjan

  7. so sorry to hear that you lost Mia - but your new baby looks just gorgeous! don't they look sweet together!
    Kim x

  8. Owwww what a lovely puppy ! I'm sure the boys will and have a fab life at your place, enjoy the time you have with them. Hugs, marion

  9. He looks gorgeous Claire, couldn't imagine a home without a dog!. Elizabeth xxx

  10. Aaah!! lovely pictures - had to smile at the running away story though.

  11. oh bless, what a sweetie. Hope hubby is soon on the mend. x Lavinia

  12. He's so cute Claire, love the pics, you relax and enjoy them. Hugs Suzanne xx

  13. He's so cute Claire, love the pics, you relax and enjoy them. Hugs Suzanne xx

  14. Oh I am so happy for you, Claire and the newest family member! Nothing can bring happiness to your heart like a new fur friend! This is great and have fun!

  15. Like all babies - he'll grow up all too fast - and is that a third one of your boys I see in the background?
    Beryl xx


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